Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Today is my birthday :) 19..i feel so old. but less mature than yesturday These are some of my favourite songs I've been 
listening to recently.

listening ],

valentines day was actually quite good, i went to nadines with jenny, made pizza and ate cherry bakewells, early falling asleep to the little mermaid, i am now in the mood to watch lots of old disney films. 

Monday, 14 February 2011


some drawings for my art elective. the theme is time, so i choose to do memories of when i was a kid up to now.


 happy valentines day. <3

this is my new beatles top, skirt from a charity shop and glittery cardigan. i bought lots of things from h&m the other day because there was a student lock in event, with 20% off for students, yey. i got this cardigan, another beatles t shirt, high waist jeans and a brown lace shouldered top. i can't remember the last time i bought so many full priced brand new things in one day!

i also bought a new bag from primark which was £8, i'm in love.

i have so much work to do today, i have to design a menswear s/s collection for river island and tomorrow i start to make a t shirt and a mens pair of jeans. i can't wait til my birthday, but i'm not looking forward to being 19 at all. so old.

listening to: kimya dawson-so nice so smart
beach boys-i get around
beach boys- wouldn't it be nice
the contours-do you love me
the beatles-love me do
kimya dawson-loose lips
antsy pants and kimya dawsom-tree hugger

Sunday, 6 February 2011


My lovely new cardigan from the charity shop, £1.50 or something..once again, sorry for the shitty photos.

It's my birthday in 10 days, I'm going to be 19! Today I went shopping with mumma for a few bits and bobs, including a floral smock dress from Topshop :3 I would really like a new camera as mine is slowly dying, though i doubt i'll get one. I'd like some ipod speakers to, I will be listening to it non-stop! XD 
I'm seeing my friends at the Brentwood later, I've not seen them in 3 weeks so i'm very excited :)

Listening to Two Door Cinema Club


These are some outfit ideas I've come up with recently, sorry for the shitty quality photos..

I'm kinda into blazer at the moment, I would love a thick, baggy wool one, preferably tartan to wear with polkadot tights, a pleat skirt and box-like vintage bag. I also like the idea of crop tops and floaty skirts, the other night I wore my new Beatles t with my black velvet floaty skirt, I will show you in a later post. 

hey jude

I am in love with thick cable knit jumpers too, especially crop ones, worn with collared shirts and a floaty, faux denim skirt. I am also in search of a goth colour lipstick. 


Other things I am looking for are long sleeve smock tops with peter pan collars and shearling lace up brown leather boots.  Everyday I get inspiration for outfits from people I see, especially doing a fashion course. I could people watch all day, especially in big cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and London :) My hair is finally getting long! I can't wait til my layers grow out and I can have butterfly plaits..