Wednesday, 3 August 2011

little things and vintage dresses

From top to bottom:
1. 2 of the vintage dresses I bought at the secound hand market in Thailand, 50p each :) I think I will sell the purpley one on ebay when I fix the little fastening at the back.
2. The dress I will wear on Friday to Sheffield. I shortened it and added new buttons, but I am 1 button short..though maybe no one will notice hehehee..
3. Another dress, £1 from the market, I don't know whether to sell this or not..hmmmm
4. My mum's old dress, I shorted it too short so added trimming to the bottom. 
5. A little clog, I bought a pair when I went on my art collage trip to Amsterdam. I think it makes a very cute necklace. ^.^
6. I bought this little bicycle brooch today but snapped the pin bit off to make it into a necklace. 

Today I worked my secound day in the charity shop, 2 girls came in who had pretty cool style, I might draw their outfits to post on here later. I have started listening to Warpaint abit lately and am now looking forward to see them at Leeds fest! 


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Do you like music? Do you like breathing?

'It's Kind Of A Funny Story'

You're so gullible but I don't mind

Sorry for the lack of posts, I don't really feel like blogging these days.. :(
Last Friday I got back from Thailand, and brought lots of things back with me. My mum took me to a secound hand market at the end of the week whilst I was there which sold lots of vintage tops, dresses, skirts and denim shorts for as little as 50p!! I am putting alot on ebay in the next 2 weeks, the link is in the sidebar. :)
This is one of the dresses I have put up, I have many more to show you soon

These are some other things I don't want to sell, but I have too many clothes and not enough money! 

This is not for sale, my aunt said I could have some of her old clothes so I had a rummage and found this lace pink top with beads. I don't know when I would wear it or what to do with it though..haha I could wear it with black leggings I guess..

These are also not for sale but I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. They are from the night market in Thailand and were only 200 baht! (£4) 

I am experimenting alot with my nails lately..