Thursday, 29 March 2012

Inspiration, Gillian Zinser (and some more drawings)

As mentioned in my previous post, I have finally grown to love maxi and midi length skirts and dresses. Although I am on the short side (at 5"4 ish) they actually seem to make me appear taller! A style icon I believe works these beautifully is Gillian Zinser from 90210, above. I adore her hippy-ish quirky outfits. I would describe her as one of those people you'd think throws anything they find lying about together and it just works. The fashion illustrations at the top are both mine, aswell as the background print. The illustration of Gillian on the right is taken from a photo where I noticed she had shortened her skirt by knotting up a section from the bottom, a good idea if you're short and don't want to be trailing your skirt along the floor!

P.S I've noticed my post popular posts seem to be the ones consisting of my illustrations, I was thinking of maybe creating a weekly feature or something, in which I would go out and take street style photos, drawing from them, if this is something my awesome followers would be interested in?

Monday, 26 March 2012

New uniform

This weekend I got to pick my new uniform for work which was fun. We had to be 'adventurous' as well as representing the River Island brand. I've had my eye on the skirt for awhile and was so happy to get it at 75% off! The top was free, I got it mainly for versatility. I did want to get a Rolling Stones top but the clash of colours with the skirt was a little too alternative for River Island.. :P 
Out of work I would probably wear the skirt either with retro t-shirts, slouch knit jumpers or plain, loose fitting vests such as the one above. 
The last picture is some fashion illustrations I did last week of outfits I was inspired by from customers coming into the store. One of my favourite parts about work (especially when sunny) is looking at the distinctive styles of the shoppers. 

Top, £15, Skirt £28, Necklace vintage, Belt my mums.

Monday, 19 March 2012

There's a house across the river, but alas I cannot swim

I'm finally back home for abit, for my easter break woowoooo. Today I ventured round all the charity shops in my hometown and found a few lovely things..
Top left; mens shirt £3, right; mens knitted cardi £4, bottom; cute little necklace £1.50. I also bought some vintagey buttons from the market to replace the horrible tacky plastic ones they came with. That, and making a blogpost, I would say quite a productive day for me! 
(I am aware of how moody I look in the photos..i do not photograph well ok.. :P)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

summer mood

It's only march and already i'm planning my summer wardrobe. personally i think summer is the easiest season to dress for, i'm mainly excited to be able to walk out the door with shorts, sandals and a simple t! this seems very far away as today it was absolutely freezing and snowy! oh how i love yorkshire.. (i bought the denim bralet today from Topshop for £16!!)

summer '12