Thursday, 24 July 2014

Amsterdam 20.7.2014 - 23.7.2014

I spent a few days in Amsterdam with a friend I met working at festivals last year and her sister. Other than a day of rain it was awesome! Lots of wandering, flea markets, shopping, picnic-ing, and drinking blood orange vodka and 2.99 sangria!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Early Summer Favourites

I'm so happy the weather has picked up and it actually feels summery in England! I've been stocking up ready for my travels on beauty products, summer reads and clothes.

1. The bikinis are both Topshop. The pink was via ebay (brand new and never worn just so you know!! Haha) and the black just £15 in the sale. 

2. I got a little blank travel notepad that would easily fit in my bag for quick sketches and important things (e.g: ticket numbers, names of places to remember...etc!) 

3. My favourite nivea tinted moisturiser.

4. Currently reading Carrie by Stephen King

5. A delicate bracelet I found for 75p at a charity shop in Doncaster.

6. My favourite nail polish at the moment- Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary.

7. A kind of creepy cobra ring I found for £1 at my local charity shop.

8. A cute lace trim floral cami originally from Coast, found at a charity shop in Doncaster for £2.45!

I've been obsessing over american TV series The Vampire Diaries lately.. although it took 5 years to catch on a couple of friends had been recommending it and I am now addicted! especially being an unemployed graduate!

Graduation and more drawing

After 4 of the most crazy and best years of my life so far, I somehow managed to get an overall 2.1 classification Bachelor Degree in Textile Design from the University of Leeds! 

I wore a boxy shaped dress with a bright green splattery print from Whistles and "the biggest necklace" (the photographer had seen all day) is from Warehouse last year. My ankle boots are from Pull & Bear in London. At the top are illustrations of my outfit from yesterday, my graduation outfit, and then some street style inspired illustrations- also from yesterday shopping with my mum.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New bits and bobs

Yesterday I received my final classification for my degree and am very very happy to say I will be graduating next week with a 2.1 Bachelor of Honours in Textile Design from the University of Leeds! As well as this I somehow managed to scrape a 2.1 in my dissertation- one of the most stressful things I've had to do in my life (so far..) 

I treated myself to this floral dress from H&M (£12.99) and pretty gold ring (£3.99) yesterday- although I need to be saving money for travelling! As mentioned in my previous post I will be au pairing in Spain for a month from mid-August. I also plan to either go to Peru or SE Asia from October onwards- any advice would be very much appreciated!

Other things I've bought recently was a simple cami top from Zara on sale at £3.99, I would really like more cropped, loose/boxy fitted cam is for Summer- Topshop and River Island seem to be good places at the moment! I also got a chunky gold rope necklace from Primark on sale at £2! And a silver ring with little gems also from Primark also on sale at just £1. 

My nails are Superdrug's 2true Colour Quick Nail Polish in Shade 15. I've recently started purchasing 2true products, recommended by one of my best friends. They do not test on animals and are really good for the minimal price tag! I really love the liquid eyeliner- I used to be terrified of liquid eyeliners as my hands are so shaky but with a bit of practise the 2true one is one of the easiest to use I've come across. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Style Icon and Summer Plans

A recent style icon I've come across is Laura Bailey, below are some illustrations of favourite outfit combinations..

In other news I've just booked flights to Spain, where I will be Au Pairing for a family in a place not for from Barcelona! Other summer plans include Tramlines festival in Sheffield, Graduation, a uni friends leaving party (she's got offered an internship at Disney in America!) and another of my best friend's leaving party's (who has been offered a grad job in Denmark!).