Friday, 29 March 2013

You're way stronger When you're younger

Above: street style illustrations, double denim, ugly trainers and socks, quilted jackets,mum jeans..
Also, a video I came across recently, very pretty and summery. Soko is pretty cool too, listen to her other video 'I'll Kill Her'.

I shouldn’t laugh, but I know I’m a failure in your eyes

Today is the start of my 4 day weekend (YEAHH) so I went for a browse at a flea market near me, Deptford Market. I would definetly recommend it, alot cheaper than Brick Lane and Portabello Road, it's of like a carboot, you really have to rummage but I usually find a lot of vintage things for under a fiver.
Above: dress £2.50, knit cardi £1.50, floral dress 50p, denim coat £3, pendant 50p and bracelet £1.50.

It was also recently the sample sale at work which is always great. I got this embroidered denim skirt, the trousers are from the Warehouse sale. 
Finally the jeans are from a charity shop £3 or something? I've been searching for a pair of 'mum' jeans for ages, these are perfect aside from the fact that they're pretty huge (men's jeans..) so I may have to somehow take them in and cut them off abit. 

This weekend I'm visiting my grandma, eating lots of chocolate, and just food in general, more shopping as I recently got paid (yay!) and spending a couple days back in lovely Yorkshire. Hope everyone has an awesome Easter.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

But I made my way inside past a thousand crazy eyes


festiva; by katthai featuring black shirts

Getting excited for festival season, there are too many I want to go to this year! Reading or Leeds, Glastonbury, Beacons, Bestival, End Of The Road.. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A/W 13 Favourites Rick Owens

Above: Illustrations inspired by Rick Owens A/W 2013. Moodboard.

I love the spookyily hidden, expressionless faces behind the ghostly frizz of hair. This collection makes me think of traditional Japanese clothing (Samurai attire??) In a dark way it also makes me think of straight jackets, the boxy, paddedness, sterile muted colours and chunky knots.

Monday, 11 March 2013

monday wishlist. daisy.


daisy by katthai featuring a shell top

oriental prints, monochrome, horizontal stripe flippy skirt, cat eye sunglasses, perpex box bags, tacky fluros, bright ugly running shoes, 90's denim shapes, creepers, printed tapered trousers, kimono shaped blazers