Friday, 29 April 2011


I'm trying to only buy second hand clothes now, as i just can't bring myself to spend over £10 on an item of clothing! I also read something that inspired me a little to do this too: 'People would look better if they didn't spend money on clothes. If they took what they found and just made the most of it, that'd be good'- Alice Glass (Crystal Castles) I think this is so true, I think sometimes people rely on places like Topshop too much. It's like, as long as it's from Topshop, surely it's got to be on trend?? Although i do love Topshop, I just can't shop there anymore, everything looks too nice, I could probably only afford one thing per month and could not choose!! :P
The top above is something I found at the carboot sale, it was £1. The 'gold' necklace was 10p. PS. i have a new tumblr:


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