Friday, 21 October 2011


I am making this blog more focused on uni work as one of my modules has suggested we need to create an 'online presence'! I guess in a good way it would make me blog more on here :P
Once I have got round to scanning some work (which i should have really done awhail ago..typical procrastinating student..-_- ) I will update on a weekly basis. For now these are just some examples of what I did during my 3 week internship at Mirjam Rouden, a textiles studio in London!

Check prints made using screen printing

I made this print by painting directly onto the fabric using dyes and discharge, sorry about the shitty quality of photos..

I was one of the youngest interns there, most were graduates or just about to go into final year. It made me think 'i never want to leave uni!!' they were all either stuck trying to find a job or scared of leaving.

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