Wednesday, 2 May 2012

it does a dozen somersaults and it leaves you supercharged

Topshop, River Island, New Look & Miss Selfridge look like they've been drenched in cotton candy, and decorated by a 5 year old girl, full of pastels, gingham, floral, lace and crochet, nostalgic (70s bright and block) , child-like (eg; cars, mermaids, shells..) ditsy and polka-dot prints, as well as the odd pair of sequined hotpants and bandeau crop top. 
One of the style icons this trend makes me think of is Brigitte Bardot (above). I love the huge hair-beehives and ponytails, bows and headbands, high waisted shorts, crop tops and ankle jeans/bottoms. (Lana Del ReyMarina Lambrini Diamandis from Marina & The Diamonds also appear as if they look to Bardot for inspiration).

It also reminds me of Meadham Kirchhoff's Spring/Summer 12 collection, which I reckon would've been a BIG influence of the sudden popularity of cute, cartoony nail designs and dip-dyed hair!

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  1. I love these vintage photos! I usually use rit dye because its easy and reliable, you can get it craft,departmental or hardware stores :)