Wednesday, 15 August 2012

You got to put your shoulder, shoulder to the wheel

Above: dress £7 in H&M sale. I love the elegantly fitting shape and the lace, and the fact its so versatile. I think I'd wear it with wedges on a night out or military boots, a barbour-esq coat and light cotton scarf during the day.

My Leeds fest weekend ticket arrive yesturday! I'm already planning outfits inspired by above collage. My favourite icons are Chloe Sevigny & Agyness Deyn. 
I'm so excited for Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, The Vaccines, Florence, Crystal Castles & Jake Bugg

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  1. Hey Kat! Just remembered your post on my blog aaaages ago! Did you ever go for an internship at People Tree? How's everything going?

    Love this dress by the way.