Wednesday, 19 January 2011


 Yesturday I went to the charity shops, and as usual, Leeds provided some lovely things :) I got a plaid shirt for £1.49 and a body-con floral corduroy skirt for £3.99. I have seen alot of sleeveless plaid shirts in vintage shops for £25, I refuse to pay over £10 for something I could easily find secound hand and alter myself. This was my first attempt:

I might put this on my ebay later if anyone is interested. 
Last night I watched Taken, which was really good. I might watch another horror/thriller tonight, maybe Hausu or Shutter Island. 
Today I think I will shorten the skirt I bought yesturday. I want to buy lots of secound hand clothes and alter them to replicate the ones in vintage shops. 

By the way, I have recently put a few things up on my ebay,  please take a look :)

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