Sunday, 23 January 2011


Remember the floral skirt I bought from the charity shop the other day? I shortened it and it looks perrrrrfect. :3

I also went sale shopping the other day and got this heart print sweater from zara, £14.99 from £25 or £30 I think, i've had my eye on it for ages.

My secound semester begins tomorrow and i feel really lazy, though i'm kind of looking forward to things going back to normal again, it just feels like fresher's week part 2 when i had no idea what was going on, and i was basically dead all the time.
I want to go shopping but may just end up drawing and listening to the strokes today. :)
ps, please check out my ebay items, the link is in the sidebar.

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  1. Sorry for replying so late, love!
    The ZARA sale is so good. There was this peter pan collar jumper which I'd had my eye on for ages, it's reduced to £9.99 and it's also completely sold out. I was so gutted. I'm only just recovering haha!
    The skirt looks amazing, too. Gorgeous purplely colours. Loving the new blog, too.

    Ruth xo