Friday, 8 July 2011


From top: my nails, my shoes, the front of our old house

I've been in Bangkok, Thailand for 2 weeks now, I stay with my Grandma who lives with my Aunt, Uncle (his wife and 8 year old daughter) and the helper. My Grandma owns a little grocery story, and at the back is where we live, its a row of bungalows. But next year it will all be demolished so I have to take lots of photos!
Yesturday I painted my nails patterned again, everytime I come to Thailand my style become more..'cute, girly' I love the street style here, very retro and colourful. (for the dots on my nails I used a pencil :P)
I bought some converses from JJ Market (it is a HUGE outdoor market that sells literally everything-including vintage clothes) they cost me 300 Baht (£6) but i think they are fake.. XD 

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  1. love the shoes and i'm so jealous that you're in thailand, hope you're having a good time! x