Sunday, 21 October 2012

I'm no teenage icon

Above: Recent purchases. Yesturday I spent the day at Westfield Shopping Centre, managing to find these multi colour stud pumps only £12 at Primark! And a slouchy print tee in the Topshop sale for £12.
If you're in search of ridiculously cheap flea markets in London, I would definitely recommend Deptford Market. They have huge piles of old clothes piled onto tables for £1-£2! I got these printed Laura Ashley trousers for £1 and the navy knit cardi for 50p. (I love the little silver buttons!)
Below: Fashion illutrations inspired by some of the girls outfits at work. 


  1. Primark?! As if, they're so nice! As always, love the illustrations :) Hope you're well. I'm in the process of starting a new blog and wondered if you wouldn't mind following :) Thankyouu x

  2. Hey :) I know I've already commented on this but it means more since seeing the Vaccines haha! I've nominated you for a little blog award thing, you might not want to do a reply post because it takes ages but it should get lots of people looking at your blog :) x

    1. Hey Sophie, sorry for the late reply!! (very very late) ofcourse I'll follow your blog in a sec :)
      Thankyouu! I will try to get round to doing it, I'm so crap at getting things done since starting a full time job.. x