Thursday, 23 January 2014

Little Black Submarines

 January haul & Illustrations.
From top: Boots £1, Brogues £2.50 charity shop, Scrunchies 90p Superdrug & Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Floral blouse £3.99 charity shop, Glittery jelly shoes £4 Primark, Floral leggings £7 and baroque tights £7 Topshop Sale, Nails, Doodles and Illustrations.

All stocked up on shoes! The boots will be ideal for festivals with high waisted denim cut-offs and a parka.. The brogues would be really cute with school kid socks, flippy skirt, blouse and cardi and FINALLY Primark is stocking proper 90's kid jelly shoes! I also love how scrunchies are coming back, I really want the velvet and glittery ones from UO.. 

Left: Girl with cool floral trousers I saw on the train home from Uni, wants! & What I wore last weekend, Right: Illustrations from Vogue February 2014. 

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  1. Love those floral leggings from Topshop, so gorgeous! And yay for jelly shoes ^.^ xo