Sunday, 27 April 2014

Eyes looking like you had a fight with the rain

I've been so bad at blogging lately! Obviously a final year student! I will try and update more often, especially as I will have finally completed my course by the end of May, I've already started making summer lists including festivals, city trips, clear outs...

Below are a few things from the past month. From the top: cute embroidered top, 20p or something from the carboot, dark green Topshop dress £4.99, and grey embellished top £3.99 both from the charity shop. 

I've just finished reading How I Live Now, by Meg Rosoff after watching the film which I loved! Currently reading Never Let Me Go by Kasuo Ishiguro, it's so nice to have time to read again after so much dissertation reading and writing!

I got this purse for 50p at a charity shop, I actually have separate compartments for my cards and change now!

Silver rings, £2 for a pack at Primark, the elephant is my favourite. I also got a gold wings ring for 50p, again from the charity shop. Nails are Barry M.

A few sneak peaks of some uni work. All illustrations and prints are my own.

And finally a few random instagrams whilst bored at home!

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  1. That purse is such a find! Some great picks here, you're clearly a great thrifter! xx