Tuesday, 1 March 2011


a drawing i did of cassey from skins, when i couldn't sleep the other night. i accidently spilt nail polish remover on my notebook, though i kind of like the effect it had..haha
i watched a film 'blue valentine' last week, it was beautiful. the soundtrack especially.
listening to: the strokes-under cover of darkness
                 the chiffons-one fine day
                 brigette bardot-ne me laisse pas l'aimer
new music i have been listening to recently is 'she keeps bees', i love the singers voice.

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  1. ah, I saw blue valentine the other day!

    I adore michelle williams, and the movie was not what I expected to be honest, but all the same very emotional!
    I love when ryan was playing the ukelele.

    xx scarzz