Thursday, 17 March 2011


i went charity shopping again and bought a few things, i found some high waisted bleached jeans in the mens section so i cut them into shorts..

for lent i have given up buying full price clothes, i am going to just try and buy secound hand now, i think i prefer it. i don't really know how to shop in the high street anymore, i don't like to follow trends so much as everyone just wears the same thing. the hardest place to shop is topshop, they have really beautiful things but all so overpriced. its much more rewarding and fun to find stuff in charity shops or jumble sales. i think topshop is just the easy way to try to be 'fashionable' haha.

i want to watch more spanish and french films as i'm scared i will forget all i have learnt, i miss languages so much. 


  1. you always seem to be so lucky in charity shops!
    also, i love the purple haze postcards on you wall, very cute! (:

  2. Wow I love your drawings! COuld you make a drawing of me? They are beautiful ^^
    I also like drawing but im far not as good as you! Great blog I follow you ^^ DO you follow me back? that would be lovely!

    With love, Lisette

  3. cute shorts!

    I'll never stop admiring your style... its so lovely.

    xo scarzz