Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Don't call me, I'll call you, with what you say, I'll obey

From working in fashion retail I can't help but notice the current obsession with print! Now that we can wear the clothes in store I love taking note of what the River Island girls are wearing. The illustrations below are a couple of my favourites..

The digital print on the right top is my own from a current textiles project looking at layering. 

Finally a little wish list, I am DYEING for some black vans, high waisted green pinstripe shorts from Topshop, skull bracelts, a crochet waistcoat/cardi, print canvas backpack, tie-dye leggings from River Island, the floaty print top, also from River Island and some floral ankle jeans.


  1. Love your illustrations! So cute.

  2. If you still want those leggings I have a brand new pair that I don't want lmao