Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Video Games

One of the re-occurring trends I've noticed from recently browsing trend sites/flicking through fashion magazines (oh-so-eager-fashion-student) is a sort of 'Americana Nostalgia'. Most obvious in the Spring/Summer collections of Prada, focusing on the style of the 50's (midi pleat skirt/pencil skirts, crop bandeau's and bare middriffs..) 

This, mixed with the current fad for pastels and washed out shades, delicate, feminine prints such as floral and paisley, minimal and simplistic, traditional shapes and styles such as crystal pleat skirts and dresses, bra-lets and simple blouses inspired me to create the 2 illustrations below.. (as well as the video for Video Games by Lana Del Rey, which despite having complained about her many times, is actually really growing on me now!!)

ABOVE: Buffalo 66, Lana Del Rey for Prada S/S 12, Buffalo 66, Lana Del Rey, Prada S/S 12 (and again twice), Valley Of The Dolls, Buffalo 66, Blue Velvet, Lana Del Rey, Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs (Twice), Unknown tumblr.

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